Knowyourlake has been a dedicated fishing website since 2008. We are looking to add 5  website contributors who are interested in growing a web presence for themselves and this site and earn rewards for exceptional work*

Why you should be interested…

  1. You love fishing
  2. You want to promote yourself as a fisherman
  3. You enjoy sharing you fishing experiences online
  4. You want to earn rewards

What we are looking for…

  1. Fishing articles
  2. 300 – 400 words per article
  3. Awesome pictures
  4. Videos
  5. Fishing Gear Reviews
  6. Basically any interesting content about fishing!


$20 Amazon Gift Card – Every 4 articles posted

$50 Amazon Gift Card and Offical Site Contributor – After 20 articles posted

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* makes no guarantee that we will use your article on our website. Your article must be original and not be found anywhere else on the web. Your article must be between 300 – 600 words. If we do not contact you after 5 days concerning your article, please feel free to use it elsewhere. can make changes to guidelines at any time and without notice.